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Cheap underwater metal detector

cheap underwater metal detector

There’s no doubt deep sea diving is a fun and wondrous experience. This is more so the case if you are diving for expeditions for both fun and research purposes. For those who choose this as their hobby, then instruments such as metal detectors are of great importance.

Unfortunately, there are many metal detectors available on the market from different manufacturers making it a difficult choice, especially for first-timers. Most metal detectors achieve the basic functionality of what they should do but are yours the best? Here we review one of the best-rated metal detectors in the market today: The Quest 1701.101 Scuba Tector Hand Held Metal Detector.

This is arguably one of the best cheap underwater metal detectors available in the market today. Unlike most in this category and price range, the Quest 1701.101 Scuba Tector Hand Held Metal Detector has a built-in 3.7v 500 mAH lithium battery. The detector works perfectly up to 200 feet depth and a frequency of 95 kHz.

The manufacturer promises the detector does not give false positive readings. This is an issue to look out for especially when working in salt water environments.

The 16-inch handle makes navigation easier than most other similar devices. The shape is properly calibrated to maximize on both grip and comfort while navigating deep waters.

Although a great detector, customers have been noted to cite complaints on the off button functionality. Consumers complain of faulty functionality that does not switch off the system when off button is pressed.

As mentioned above, this handheld metal detector has a lot to offer including:
Portability- It’s small, light and well designed. All these characteristics make it the perfect deep-sea diving tool with minimal inconvenience.

Built-in battery- this comes as a major advantage over its competitors in the same range. The built-in battery allows easier use and more convenience.

Up to 200 feet- most metal detectors in this category rarely make it past 150 feet. This piece has managed to overcome these odds and conveniently make it to 200 feet.

Accuracy- with the Quest 1701.101 Scuba Tector Hand Held Metal Detector, you no longer have to worry about false positives. This makes it the perfect tool for professional or research-based divers.

Price – this guy comes at pocket-friendly prices making it an ideal starter investment for divers, far surpassing the abilities of products in a similar price range.

Faulty off button- numerous reviews on the product assure that the off button does not work as it should. This can become a major inconvenience in both usability and power consumption.

There are many things to consider before purchasing a metal detector. Weight, design, and frequency are just some of the more common functionalities to look for.

The Quest 1701.101 Scuba Tector Hand Held Metal Detector manages to excel at nearly all of these functions.

This piece would be recommended for both beginners and semi-professional users.

If you are looking to purchase a cheap underwater metal detector, the Quest 1701.101 Scuba Tector Hand Held Metal Detector is no doubt one of the best in its price range and category.

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