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Cheap Metal Detectors vs. Big Brands

When it comes to buying products (electronic products especially), the question we all ask ourselves is whether to save and buy the cheaper brands or to splurge and go for the bigger brands instead.  It goes without saying that metal detectors can, therefore, be a headache to shop for if you have little knowledge about the kind of brands you think you can trust.

Sometimes, because of how diversified the market has grown to be, we simply do not know what to buy and what to leave. Thanks to advertising and the glossy finished look given to products, our heads are left spinning every time we look at a different gadget.

Or perhaps you are simply looking to switch brands, but you are not very sure on which way to go. There are over twenty different producers of metal detectors in the industry currently, and each has hundreds of products on the market.

In this article, I outline basic information about brands in the metal detecting market to make that purchase easier for you.

The big brands in the market

According to credible metal detector review websites, some of the well-established and well-known brands on the market include Bounty Hunter, Tesoro, Garrett, Minelab, and Fisher. These brands, and others not mentioned above produce metal detectors for a wide range of clientele. There are detectors made for different skill levels and different prices. They have diversified from making basic pro detectors to having a vast array which means that you as a buyer are simply spoilt for choice when purchasing a metal detector.

How Much to Spend on a Brand

How much to spend all boils down to how much you have to begin with. As I have already mentioned, the market is very large, and the price range for metal detectors is large and very accommodating.

Unlike other markets where the price of a product might be spiked because it is of a particularly well-known brand, the prices of metal detectors tips are not very dependents on the brands but rather on the features the gadget has to offer. There are a good number of established brands that have some of their detectors going for as low as $50 and other metal detectors (still of the same brand) going for close to $1000. The $950 difference is dependent on what the metal detector has to offer and not the name that appears on its label. The following are links to videos that give more details about the costs of the metal detectors and the brands that make them.

How much to spend is therefore determined by the kind of features you want your metal detector to possess. The gadgets made especially for detecting precious metals like gold are a bit more pricey than those you would buy to hunt relics or coins. When considering the cost of a metal detector, first consider what you want to use it for. This helps to narrow down the price range; which will give you an idea of the brands to choose from.

For those looking for cheap detectors, below are links to sites that have compiled a list of affordable detectors for you. You just know about lone star metal detector tips and buy it.

Cheap metal detectors on Amazon.com

What’s the Best Metal Detector for the Money?

What to Look for in a Brand Product

It is the little things that make brands, and their products vary. When it comes to metal detectors, different brands specialize in some specific qualities. Some brands, for instance, like to make gadgets that are very light, to ease mobility. Others like to make detectors that are shorter and are hand held for those looking for metallic substances in areas that are a good distance from the ground. Some brands even specialize in making metal detectors that are water resistant and others specialize in one type of metal and create a gadget just for it. The specialties do not run out.

Whether the brand is well known or still new on the market, it is important to know if it is one of these qualities that will make it the metal detector you want to purchase.

What are People Saying about that Brand?

It is always a good idea to know the experience that other users have had with products before purchasing your own. Before ordering a metal detector or going out and buying one, you could read the reviews it has gotten so that you know the kind of experience other users have had with it and whether it is as good as the brand wants you to believe.

There are lots of credible sites that are dedicated to doing reviews just for metal detectors. While some of them only focus on promoting big brands, other do honest reviews even for the smaller brands. You may find that a product from a lesser known brand has better ratings and reviews than that of a big, established brand and goes for a lower price.

This saves your money, and the time you would have spent having to go out and either return an unsatisfactory product or are forced to buy a new one. It is also a good way of getting the information you may not find disclosed by the manufacturer. A good example of a site to check out for reviews, pricing, and purchases is metaldetector.com


Of course, a bigger brand means parting with a little more cash than when you opt to do business with a smaller and less established brand; but in the metal detector market, the difference in pricing between a big brand and a small one is not as pronounced as in other markets and with other products. However, it is important to remember that a bigger brand does not necessarily mean a better deal.

In my opinion, if you are new to buying metal detectors, it would be a good idea to go for one made by the big brands. Because of the different types available, you are sure not to go wrong when making a purchase. Also, a big brand usually means a larger clientele; a larger clientele means quality service and quality product as well. This assures you that you get value for your money while you figure out for yourself more brands that may be cheaper or that you may find to be more efficient

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