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5 Strange Metal Detector Finds

strange metal detector finds

Ever wondered as to some of the things that get dug up when the metal detector beeps? If you’re listing out the usual findings such as jewelry or coins, you’re wrong.

Or perhaps you would prefer to be a little more smart and answer that a metal detector can detect anything made of iron, aluminum, brass, nickel, copper, gold, silver and alloys like bronze; I’m sorry you’re still wrong!


weird metal detecting finds

1. Vet Syringe

One of the strangest metal detector finds was a veterinary syringe. Seems that the person had lost the syringe somehow while roaming around or treating his canine patients.

Or perhaps one of the clever canines got this crazy idea of digging out some soil in his backyard so as to bury the syringe there. Whatever the case, it is simply remarkable how a vet syringe can find itself buried a few inches under.

2. Plastic Pen

A plastic pen was one of the weirdest discoveries when a metal detector was swung about in a backyard. Usually, the pen cap, barrel and ink tube are made of plastic whereas the ballpoint and tip are made up of metals such as brass or tungsten carbide.

This basically means that the percentage of metal is very less in comparison with the plastic. Hats off to the metal detector for finding it nonetheless.

3. Milk Tokens

best metal detector findsOur forefathers would use milk tokens to secure dairy debts such as bread, bakery edibles, milk, coal et cetera. They were often looked upon as dividend checks and could be easily exchanged for these commodities.

Sources say that the speed of delivery was increased as a result of this concept as people didn’t have to hunt for lower denominations of money. But yes, one of the weird metal detector finds was a milk token.

4. Condoms

Well, this has to be the weirdest among all the weird stuff that a metal detector could find. There was an incident where a person unearthed two condoms; one packed and the other one exposed, seemingly already tampered with’’.

These two sets of condoms were discovered in different locations. A rundown through the chemical properties of a condom reveals that it is made up of resin or polyurethane, and that a metal detector could find it still remains one of the most unexplained mysteries.

Ok, moving on to the last one!

5. Explosives

An interesting thing that looked like a lump of coal was discovered in a permitted area. The lump of coal was actually an explosive in disguise! These were used by saboteurs who hijacked trains along the courses where the explosives were discovered.

The train would eventually blow up after the villains escaped. Other items of such as grenades, detonators, blasting caps, and magnetic mines were also dug out. It is very scary and creepy at the same time!

On a lighter note, there are many instances of treasure findings as well, where people got rich just by digging out the soil and uncovering some valuables. It is not always guaranteed that you’ll get rich but a whole lot of entertainment and experience is assured.

What was the weirdest experience you came across through metal detector finds? Comment below and let us know.


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